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    Take advantage of our 'virtual mirror' in-store which helps you easily compare various frame and lens combinations
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    We use Hoya True Sight technology to take precise measurements of your face and the frame to ensure your lenses are correctly positioned
  • A big thank you to Mike and the team at Omokoroa Eyecare. Your service is absolutely first class and the glasses are fabulous.
    First class service Stuart Cheeseman - July 2021
  • It is now 3 weeks since my bilateral cataract surgery. I would like to thank Mike for his good advice and encouragement over a period of two years explaining the course and effect of my advancing cataracts which was entirely accurate. I have not seen this well since I was in my teen years. Mikes advice was right on.
    Good advice thank you Robert Taylor June2021
  • I had new lenses  installed into my existing frames last week I have to say these new lenses are 200% better than the originals. These have very little distortion. It is so refreshing to look slightly off centre and not to have everything look like a banana,especially in my job as a builder making sure walls, doors and windows are straight.
    Thank you- Mike Way May 2021
  • Thanks to the whole team at Tauranga Eyecare, initially I saw Mike Callard who explained to me everything that was going on with my eyesight. I have now received my occupational glasses and they are perfect. The whole team has been a pleasure to work with and I cant wait to get my sunglasses and everyday glasses.
    Thank you -Sharleen O'Neill- November 2020
  • I had an eye examination at Tauranga Eyecare to fulfill the visual requirements for my Civil Aviation certification. The eye exam with Mike was very professional with all the test results including retinal imaging provided. The reception experience,customer service and all the other aspects of my exam was exemplary. Highly recommended.    
    Highly Recommended JB December 2019
  • I would like to express my sincere appreciation of the considerate way that Celia cares for my eyes. The professional and friendly way that she helped me choose my specs which are the most comfortable that I have ever had. I would recommend Celia to anybody. Thank you so much.
    Sincere Appreciation-Mary Kemble-May 2019
  • As my previous optician had retired and his old practice had moved to an inconvenient location  I had to find a new team to get my glasses sorted when I lost a lens.  I decided to go to the closest outlet to work - Tauranga Eye Care. I am so glad I did. Easy off street parking was a good start, Jane and Tania on reception were pleasant and professional. Julia tested my sight in a thoroughly professional manner whilst also being very pleasant.  And then fun began. I'd decided to get new frames. The three ladies Jane, Tania and Julia were helpful, considerate and efficient. We tried a number of frames, some worked some didn't. In the end we narrowed the selection down to three for approval from my family. The ladies were patient, helpful, thoroughly professional, and fun! Next day I went back for the final selection and made a decision.  A few day later (much earlier than I expected) I had new glasses that fit perfectly and I can see clearly again.  I would never have believe that I could enjoy the process of getting new glasses so much.  I have no hesitation in recommending Tauranga Eye Care to anyone who wants professional service from lovely people.  Julia, Jane and Tania were JUST AWESOME!! I expect good service, if I'm surveyed 5 out of 10 is acceptable - I'll come again. Your ladies scored 1,000,000!!! I almost want to lose another lens so I can come back! Please make sure Julia, Jane and Tania are aware just how much I appreciate how brilliant they are. And Merry Christmas to you all.                
    Excellence-Andrew Parkinson December 2018
  • I have been a client of Langford Callard (now Tauranga Eyecare) for many years & have always found them professional & capable when dealing with my eye care which is complex. Mike Callard, in particular, has been empathetic & committed to dealing with my needs as I have become more geriatric - and probably more demanding & difficult! Thanks for persisting, Mike, and helping me to get on the cataract surgery list. Your effort is much appreciated!
    Much appreciated-Lynn July 2018
  • Our daughter is so happy with her new lenses. She tells us that they have made a big difference to her reading which has always been a struggle. The whole experience was far superior to other optometrists we have been to. I would recommend Mike to  all. Thanks guys.  
    Excellent experience-Hugh Feb 2018
  • I would like to say how pleased I was with the professional service offered by your company to me on my recent eye test. From my phone call I was given an appointment for 2pm the next day-prompt service. The eye tests given to me were the best I have received in 50 years of wearing glasses. There was no hurry and every test was explained in detail until the problem was found. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company services to anyone who needs your services and your price was very reasonable.
    Brian York-July 2017
  • I'm so thrilled with my new spectacles-they look and feel fantastic. Thank you so much to my optometrist Lynley and the team at Langford Callard Optometrists
    Barbara Madden-January 2017
  • Previously it was found by a bio energy programme that "blue light" was affecting my eyes. Thank you Celia and the team at Langford Callard Optometrists-the new glasses are great. They contain the blue light factor and I now find that my eyes are not squinting and definitely more relaxed. Most impressed with this new technology.  
    Pru - December 2016
  • In any organisation I have visited in 20 odd years ,I have never been more impressed by any other staff members more than Kayla, Amy and low vision specialist optometrist  Lynley. Their attention towards you as a patient was second to none. Just tops!!!!
    Bob-November 2016
  • Very happy with my new prescription sunglasses-thank you for the great service  "under promised but over delivered"
    Diana -October 2016
  • I recently received some new glasses with inbuilt prism to compensate for nerve damage in my eye as a result of a motor vehicle accident. I would like to thank Mike for the excellent job he has done. The glasses work far better than I expected. I no longer need to cock my head, or squint to avoid seeing double. My neck pain has subsequently vanished. In addition people have commented on how stylish my new glasses look
    Mark-October 2015
  • Heartfelt thanks Thank you for the great service. These glasses are amazing and I am now getting vision that is close to perfect. I can not believe how much I was missing in my world. Please pass on my delight and gratitude to both my optometrist Mike and Sharon the technician. You make a great team. I really thought that my eyes were deteriorating and I just had to put up with diminished vision. These new glasses will make life so much easier. Thank you to the whole team. Best regards Colleen  
    Colleen-July 2015
  • Mike fitted me with daily contact lenses in 2010 when I noticed that my vision finding yachting marks had dropped off. I made the New Zealand Olympic yachting team for London finishing 5th in the 470s. I am now in the Narca 17 and I am hoping to be selected for Rio 2016. As a sportsman I am always looking for any advantage and that includes having the best possible vision. Thank you for the sponsorship of my contact lenses.
    Jason Saunders-February 2015
  • I was recommended to see Mike from my previous optometrist in Auckland. He re-assessed the balance between my contact lens and spectacle wear.He suggested some changes and provided the opportunity to trial new contact lenses for me to decide if the new combination was better for me in day to day activities. It has worked out a much more convenient option and I now have all situations covered.
    Claire Franklin-Katikati September 2014
  • Mike and the team at Langford Callard have looked after my eyes since I moved to Tauranga in 2005. Being VERY sort sighted, I've kept the team busy, but Mike and his team have always been excellent. Whether I've needed progressive lenses, contact lenses, or an annual eye exam, Mike and the team have always been friendly and professional. Mike was the first to notice I had early cataracts, and made the appropriate referral to a specialist for surgery. My eyesight has since improved 100%-I can now drive without glasses! I trust Langford Callard totally with my vision.  
    Felix Daniher-Omokoroa Tauranga April 2014
  • Mike Callard has been looking after my eyes ever since I arrived in Tauranga 17 years ago and I have never felt the need to go anywhere else.  Mike takes a great deal of care, and it is entirely due to his thoroughness that we caught both my glaucoma and my macular degeneration at the earliest possible stage.  I can't stress enough the benefit of continuity and the comfort of knowing you can place your trust in the person who looks after your eyesight. The whole team at Langford Callard are a warm and friendly bunch of people who provide a fantastic service. Thanks guys    
    Anne Harris-Tauranga (9 September 2013)
  • Having been diagnosed with Keratoconus in 1999 I have needed speciality contact lenses.  These lenses are forever evolving and Mike has always had the information on these advancements and designs.  Mike is very thorough and my eyes thank him for it.
    Aaron Cave-Tauranga (5 August 2013)
  • Tim and Jane always make sure I have a thorough checkup whenever I visit, and I appreciate the detailed explanation they give me so that I know what is happening to my eyes.
    Rosemary Granger-Tauranga (30 July 2013)
  • I decided to give contact lenses a go after many years of wearing glasses. Celia fitted me with one pair of contact lenses to try, and then got me back each week to trial a more advanced strength and check the health of my eyes. I've had excellent service from Celia, and I'm very happy with my contact lenses.
    Jenny Zimmerman-Tauranga (14 July 2013)
  • Mike and the team at Langford Callard have been looking after my eyes for over 30 years now. When I was at primary school they fitted me with my 1st pair of glasses, then contact lenses as a teenager, and I'm now in my 30's and they're still looking after my eyes!
    Claire Gregory-Tauranga (19 June 2013)
  • I have been a full-time contact lens wearer since Mike fitted me with my first pair in 1997. Since this time, Mike has always ensured I'm wearing the correct contacts in order to keep my eyes in the best possible health.
    Kylie Lewis-Hamilton (23 June 2013)